Rehabilitation Robotics

RapidView offers a complete line of high performance rehabitiation robots. Through a joint venture of the largest and oldest pipe inspection robotic manufacturer, IBAK and one of the most innovative rehabilitation robots manufacturers, ProKASRO Mechatronik, RapidView can offer completely integrated systems to our clients. One camera can inspect mainlines, laterals, and be used on the milling robots. A single controller can operate everything from a mainline system, to a lateral launch robot, to a PANORAMO, and now, even a milling robot. To add a rehabilitation robot to an IBAK inspection system, all that is needed is an additional cable drum and the robot itself.

ProKASRO self-propelled robots can opeate in pipelines from 6" diameter. High power air driven motors are used for cutting and grinding. Experience true performance and reliablity with RapidView rehabilition systems.

ProKASRO FarnsworthProKASRO Robot


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