Premium Mainline Package

This package contains all the inspection equipment you need to conduct video inspections in 5” to 48” industrial and sewer pipe. With the more powerful synchronized cable reel, 1,000 foot capability, larger more powerful tractor and ORPHEUS camera you will be able to conduct inspections with speed and accuracy. The built in cable winch lowers the tractor into the manhole, reducing stress on personnel and helps prevent damage. This is the perfect system for contractors and cities who conduct normal mainline sewer inspections, but require the capability to inspect larger lines.

Package includes: T76 Tractor, Orpheus Camera, KW 305 Reel with 1000’ of cable, BE 3.5 controller, downhole rollers and a pressure test set.

Premium Package

Package Highlights

Powerful steerable tractor for inspection of 6" to 48" diameter industrial, water, sewer, and other pipelines.
Advanced pan & tilt camera with auto-focus, remote iris, and on-screen overlay of camera viewing direction
Laser crack and joint width measurement
Pipe diameter measurement
Built-in radio sonde for above ground locating
ATC - Auto Tilt Compensation, keeps the tractor level in the pipe and aids in prevention of roll-overs
Steerable tractor with variety of wheel sets
Ergonomic control center allows you to upgrade without the need of buying new controller components
Built-in tractor lowering winch and hook / retrieval system

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